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Dachstein Südwand

Via Steinerweg


A perfect day in the Dachstein south face!

In order to avoid the summer temperatures, we start very early in the morning at the "Südwandhütte". We want to be out of the wall before the heat.

The ascent was easy this time. The "old snow field" at the foot of the wall could also be easily overcome with aluminium crampons and a slight pickaxe.


On the original Steinerband you should be able to concentrate well and hide the exposure.


Beautiful compact pleasure climbing


The last meter out of the wall - a good reason to be happy.


Sublime views from the wall


The last meters to the summit cross of the Hoher Dachstein.


Rock ́n Roll... From the entrance to the summit in just a short time on a historical route, through an 800m high rock face. Respect to my guest, who climbed all climbing meters cleanly and quickly. Thank you very much for the nice guided tour.



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