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Ski touring week in the Hohe Tauern

Berghotel Rudolfshütte


We were able to spend unexpectedly good ski touring days at the Rudolfshütte, which is located in the Granatspitze Group of the Hohe Tauern. The mixed western weather conditions gave us an exciting and varied week with different snow quality. Depending on the season, we were able to enjoy the finest powder, beautiful firn slopes and honestly sometimes also some breakage.


A very sought-after and in this area certainly one of the best destinations, is the 3206m high Hocheiser.


The last strenuous meters before the summit. In the background the reservoir on the Mooserboden and the Hocheiser, 3206m.


Magnificent view of the Glockner Group and Grossglockner - unfortunately already in the clouds.


With such great firn slopes, the "skier's heart" is happy :)


New day, new happiness. On the way to the Granatspitze, 3086m.


Beautiful, steep hairpin bends are followed by short and succinct traces from the "cannon barrel".


After the steep passage in the cannon barrel, the terrain becomes flatter again and you can enjoy the magnificent mountain landscape to the fullest.


The summit structure of the Granatspitze is rocky and in easy block climbing the path leads from the left over the ridge up to the top.


Airy climbing with breathtaking views down to the Sonnblickkees.


On the last day of our ski touring week we climbed the Hochfürlege, 2942m. Very windy led our ascent over the intercession pillar.


Enjoy the view one last time before the curtain will draw for the next few days. On the left the Granatspitze, 3086m and in the middle of the picture the Stubacher Sonnblick, 3088m.


Magnificent and entertaining firn slopes down to the Grünsee, where we let the brilliant ski days end after the ski run.



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