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Level 1 ice climbing course
Physical claim
Technical claim
Best season
  • 05.01. - 08.01.2023
  • 03/27 - 03/28/2023
  • 08.04. - 04/09/2023


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Course description

After repeating and consolidating the basic climbing techniques learned in the basic course, we will become ours  Turn to key point. The rope technique!  In this course we learn all the important processes of rope techniques for ice climbing. With a special, methodically structured lead climbing training, you will be guided step by step to lead climbing independently.

  • Duration of the event: 4 days

  • Number of participants: 2 - 4 participants

  • Requirement: medium

  • Suitable for: beginners - advanced

  • One of my basic or a basic ice climbing course from other alpine schools

  • You have already made your first experiences with the element ice

  • You are motivated for long days on the steep ice and want to continue your education


2 Teilnehmer         € 800 pP

3 Teilnehmer         € 533 pP

4 Teilnehmer         € 400 pP

1 day.: Meeting point and welcome at 9.00 a.m. in the Alpengasthof Bodenhaus at the end of the Rauris valley. Here we are picked up by the hut shuttle and transported up to the hut. After checking into the hut, we immediately start to the surrounding natural waterfalls. What has already been learned in other courses is repeated and trained further. In the evening there is still a theory unit "Tour planning" on the program.

2 day.:After breakfast we start again to a chosen waterfall. In methodical steps we approach the lead and learn all the special rope techniques that are necessary for this.

3 day.:Time to take the lead! Once again we turn our attention to lead climbing training and consolidate the safety technique.

4 day.:What has been learned is repeated and consolidated again. We will climb until around noon. Afterwards we sat down together comfortably and discussed the last few days and how it could possibly go on.

Goal of the course

The aim of the course is for lead climbing training on steep ice, so it would be nice if you could plan and carry out your own lead climbing at the end of this training.

Extra costs
  • Cabin and luggage transfer

  • Parking fee Alpengasthof Bodenhaus

  • 3x overnight stays with half board

The Naturfreundehaus serves as accommodation and ideal base for this event

Kolm-Sagurn in the Rauris valley.

Special offers

Courses are always difficult for me to organize because the group size and thus the minimum number of participants is often not reached. That's annoying, because some time was already spent on the planning and it's a shame if the course doesn't take place after all. That's why I offer those who can organize a group of friends or acquaintances a "treat" of -10% of the course costs. The participants in smaller groups often make more progress than in large groups, so I have generally limited myself to a maximum of 4 participants on many courses in order to be able to get the best out of everyone.

 What is included in the offer? These services are included in the offer price.

  • Organization and planning

  • Supervision by a state-certified mountain and ski guide

  • Rental equipment:  Avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe


What is not included in the offer? These services are not included in the offer price.

  • All additional costs at the offer price.

  • Tips and other expenses

  • Avalanche airbag system: € 30 / day

  • Travel insurance: This must be taken out by the participant independently before the start of the event. Insurance can be taken out with the respective alpine clubs.

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