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Level 2 ice climbing course
Physical claim
Technical claim
Best season

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  • 02.01. - 04.01.2023
  • 01/13 - 01/15/2023
  • 02/10 - 02/12/2023
  • 02/24 - 02/26/2023
Course description

You and your rope partner climb a frozen waterfall as an independent rope team. Taking into account the current avalanche situation and the prevailing ice conditions, we plan the ice tours together. With me by your side, I'll add the finishing touches and give you important tips for improving your rope technique.

  • Duration of the event: 4 days

  • Number of participants: 2 - 4 participants

  • Requirements: medium - difficult

  • Suitable for: advanced

  • Basic course or basic course (from another alpine school) + level 1 ice climbing course

  • You are motivated for long days on the steep ice and want to continue your education

1 day.:Meeting point and welcome at the Matreier Tauernhaus at 9.00 a.m. After the equipment check, we hike to Austria's largest ice park, which we reach in about 15 minutes. Here we repeat the rope and safety technique on the steep ice and practice lead climbing again. In the evening we plan the tour for the next day together.

2-4 day.:Ice climbing in an independent rope team on the many icefalls in the area. End of the event at around 4 p.m.


Goal of the cours

2 Teilnehmer         € 800 pP

3 Teilnehmer         € 533 pP

4 Teilnehmer         € 400 pP

The aim of the course is to collect as many climbing meters as possible in an independent rope team. To be able to assess the conditions of the avalanche situation and the ice masses in order to be able to safely inspect the frozen waterfall.

Extra costs
  • Overnight stay with half board in the Matreier Tauernhaus

  • Possible toll fee for the Felbertauern tunnel

Special offers

Courses are always difficult for me to organize because the group size and thus the minimum number of participants is often not reached. That's annoying, because some time was already spent on the planning and it's a shame if the course doesn't take place after all. That's why I offer those who can organize a group of friends or acquaintances a "treat" of -10% of the course costs.

The participants in smaller groups often make more progress than in large groups, so I have generally limited myself to a maximum of 4 participants on many courses in order to be able to get the best out of everyone.

The Matreier Tauernhaus serves as our accommodation.

Meeting point

 What is included in the offer? These services are included in the offer price.

  • Organization and planning

  • Supervision by a state-certified mountain and ski guide

  • Rental equipment:  Avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe


What is not included in the offer? These services are not included in the offer price.

  • All additional costs at the offer price.

  • Tips and other expenses

  • Avalanche airbag system: € 30 / day

  • Travel insurance: This must be taken out by the participant independently before the start of the event. Insurance can be taken out with the respective alpine clubs.

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