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Großglockner, 3798m Via Stüdlgrat



The wonderful tour, over one of the most beautiful ridges in Austria, starts at the Stüdlhütte, where we can prepare ourselves perfectly for the next day. Early in the morning we start from the hut in the direction of Großglockner. First we have to go up over the so-called "scissors" to reach the "Teischnitzkees". At this time of year, the glacier can still be easily overcome.


Here you rope up in order to be able to overcome the glacier safely.


The entrance via the "Petersstiege" can be a bit unpleasant, but once you have this passage behind you, you can climb along the ridge in a beautiful and easy climb.


It's hard to believe that climbing is never really difficult when climbing such pillars. The heaviest parts are secured with a steel cable, which does not make the ridge a via ferrata.


A cloud envelops us. Sometimes it's good not to see so much!


Above the clouds, freedom must be limitless. Enjoyable climbing on the ridge.


Bright spots at the top. The clouds slowly release the mountains.

The view to the west, over to the Hoffmannsspitzen.


Epic - actually no words necessary. Grandiose moment at the key point of the tour.


Sure-footedness and an absolute head for heights are required.


Then you will be rewarded with the most beautiful and highest summit cross in Austria.



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