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Ski tour on the Großvenediger, 3666m

Kürsinger Hütte


We were able to spend a nice end of the winter season 21/22 at the Großvenediger. In the best mountain weather and fresh, even if only a few centimeters of fresh snow, the descent became a pure pleasure. With this tour I end the season satisfied and say a big thank you to everyone I was allowed to accompany. Stay healthy and take care of yourselves!


Ascent to the Kürsinger Hütte, from the material cable car over the rear Obersulzbachtal.


But caution was advised. The snow cover is highly moistened and unstable according to the season.


After a cold and starry night, the snow cover was able to cool down well and stabilize. The summit of the Großvenediger within reach.


Always brilliant, the sight of the foam roll to the left of the summit.


During the last meters of ascent after the "Venedigerscharte" there is a brilliant view over to the Glockner Group on the summit flank.


The summit belongs to us alone at this moment. What a gift!


An unexpected, brilliant descent in the best conditions. So you look forward to the next winter season.


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